Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Muvee Mix Video

Sunday, November 30, 2008

MuveeMix Demo

Monday, November 24, 2008

Comiqs Sample

Comiqs Test from Hairynomas on Comiqs

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Using ToonDoo to make cartoons

Using ToonDoo from www.toondoo.com you can make comic strips easily. These can be printed or posted online.

\Distance Learning?\

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Test post

Here we go www.lcdlc.org

Sunday, November 16, 2008

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Voice Thread

Trying out a new online tool for digital story telling, collaborating and presenting. This interesting program allows you and others to post and leave comments on the images. Way cool stuff. Check it out at www.voicethread.com

Saturday, August 30, 2008

NORT2H Highlights for August 2008

Lorain City Schools Launch Mandarin Chinese over IVC:
Students from Lorain Southview and Admiral King High Schools kicked off their first of daily connections to the Confucius Institute in Kansas to learn Mandarin Chinese. Through a partnership with the Greenbush ESC in Kansas the NORT2H staff was able to bring Lorain and the Confucius institute together to make this class offering possible. Dave Miller and I sat in on the first class and was impressed with the Jessie the Kansas teacher and how the students quickly adapted to the video environment. I look forward to checking in on the classes in the near future.

You got VOD?
The first project of the NORT2H consortium was Video On Demand (VOD). This was an exciting project for our group as teachers, tech coordinators, media specialists and administrators tried out Discovery Learning, Safari Montage and CCC on Demand. When the dust was cleared and the votes tallied it was Safari Montage that scored the highest. Over the summer our server was installed and we are now adding schools and providing teacher trainings. Currently we have the Avon, Fairview, Keystone, Lorain County JVS running and have been provind schools demo's to further evaulate the project. NORT2H members schools get discounted rates on content packages, teacher training, and local technical support.

Podcasts start September 8th:
The NORT2H staff plans to start their podcast season Monday September 8th. We were hoping to run these our of our new studio, but due to some schedule conflicts and issues with construction we can not wait for the studio to be complete. We will continue using Adobe Visual Communicator to create our Video's and plan to post them again on www.Podomatic.com. Look for these to improve over time.

PageCast updates stay current throughout the summer:
The NORT2H staff have been updating our pagecast on Pageflakes all summer! The categories remain the same provding teachers and coordinators groups of content provider updates, professional development, careers, special programs and teacher collaborations. Have an IVC event that you would like to advertise on our pagecast? Send Paul Hieronymus an email at Hieronymus@esclc.org

Testing 1 2 3... Test:
The NORT2H test codec is back online and availible for you to dial in. We are running a DVD of previous years IVC connections for sites to get audio and video. Feel free to dial in at any time to

Monday, July 28, 2008

So long Avon, Hello ESC of Lorain County

It seems to have been a million years since I have had a chance to update my blog, but now is as good of time as any...

First off.. I need to chance the tittle. Earlier this year I had to make the most difficult professional descision since I graduated from college when I was offered a full time position at the Educational Service Center of Lorain County. I have been splitting time with the Lorain County Distance Learning Consortium (LCDLC) and the Avon Schools for four great years. To leave the Avon Schools was not an easy descision. With the Avon Schools being an active member of my consortium and new programs starting at the ESC it just makes sense :)

Speaking of new programs at our ESC! This year we expanded our servics from IVC support to technology PD for classroom teachers. (We have been soing it for years, but now its official). We created a new consortium and services titled the Northern Ohio Research & Training Technology Hub NORT2H. The LCDLC will actually become a line item of the consortium providing our member schools more services and bang for their $$. Our first project was Video On Demand (VOD). We brought together Tech Coordinators /Teachers/ Librarians/ Administrators to the ESC to provide them with a presentation/evaluation of the three VOD products. Dave Miller and I presented the three systems equally and had them vote on their favorite. Once the voting was done we came up with a plan to purchase the server they wanted at a way the was most cost effective for the districts. We now have our Safari Montage Server up and runnning and look forward to working with our teachers integrate IVC and VOD to enahace student learning.

I start full time with the ESC this August. Look for updates on our new consortium and projects as they take place. I can't wait for the new year to begin!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Testing 1 2 3

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