Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mrs. Clark’s class shares artifacts with their partner school in the UK

The third graders in Mrs. Clarks get a better understanding of their community while learning about the United Kingdom through a virtual artifact exchange. The classes have been exchanging clues about their location for the past couple of weeks and completed the project through the sharing of artifacts brought in by the students that represent their communities.

The Students used the document camera and scripts created by the students to identify the object and how it relates to our community. The students brought in Ohio State, Cleveland and Avon icons to give the students from Banford a better understanding of our community and why Avon is a great place to live.

The artifacts presented by the students from Bamford a suburban community outside of London were great representations of their city. The Avon students loved seeing the items from Bamford and how similar their communities were.

The classes look forward to starting a new project with their partner school.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gingerbread baby visits Miss Lavelle’s with the Center of Puppetry Arts

The second grade students from Miss Lavelle’s class were treated to the Holiday program the Gingerbread Baby from the Center of Puppetry Arts in Atlanta Georgia. The class looked at the many different versions the Gingerbread family from locations from around the world. The class enjoyed a great performance of the Gingerbread Baby with shadow puppets.

Once the story was complete the students created stick puppets to make their own shadow puppets. This activity was a great Holiday session that reinforced listening and reading skills. The students created their own versions of Gingerbread boy using their puppets.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Avon Multi Media Students complete in Henkle Duct Tape commercial contest

Mr. Garvelink’s Multimedia students participated in the regional judging of the Henkle Duct Tape commercial contest. The Avon students submitted nine sixty second commercials featuring Henkle Duct Tape. There were construction workers, super hero’s and monks demonstrating the multiple uses of duct tape and why Henkle stands above them all.

While all of the entries were entertaining and demonstrated the hard work of the students; only one commercial could advance to the State Finals. This year the Monks from Holy Trinity advance representing the Avon Schools.

Thanks the Henkle Duct Tape Company the students are treated to a real world activity and get a chance to compete with classes from around the state. The winning commercial of the State competition receives a Cannon GL2 video camera for their school. We wish the Eagles luck in the State judging.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Magnolia shares chapter 1 of Magic in a Sack a collaborative writing project

Avon’s partner class in Magnolia Texas shared the first chapter of the classes collaborative story. The students from Mrs. Lasater’s 4th grade class read their chapter over the video system and answered questions about the characters to help the Avon students prepare the second chapter.

The interactive chapter story titled the Magic Sack is a four chapter book that is split between the two classes. After each chapter the classes connect over the video systems to share their progress, answer questions about characters and discuss predictions of future chapters. Completed chapters are placed on the project wiki hosted by

Check out the great efforts of the classes at