Friday, September 15, 2006

Constitution Day: Creating Classroom Rules

Second grade students from Miss Lavelle’s and Mrs. Cruzado classes celebrated Constitution Day through a lesson on classroom rules with the Columbiana ESC. Classes from Salem Buckeye, Crestview, Kensington Intermediate School in Rocky River, & East Liverpool shared need for classroom rules and how they relate to the constitution.

Thanks to Mrs. Straub from the Columbiana ESC the students have a better understanding of the need for rules in the classroom and throughout the country. The students enjoyed the videoconference and interacting with classrooms around Ohio. We look forward to connecting to Columbiana County again and hope to see the other schools online again.

Constitution Day Presentation: It’s My Right!

Mrs. Gantz & Mrs. Haney’s 4th grade classes celebrated constitution day with the Columbia Educational Service Center, Wayne Elementary School and Rocky River. The students made a trip back in history to the writing of the constitution. The classes discussed the ratification process and the process of creating one of the greatest documents ever created.

After taking a closer look at the Bill of Rights the students were broken into groups playing the role of a student, congress member, small business owner, and parent’s point of view ranking the rights from most important to least important. Each of the sites presented the rights they felt were most important which consisted of right of opinion, religion and a speedy trial.

The Students enjoyed their first videoconference of the year and look forward to connecting to the Columbiana ESC again and to work with the other schools.