Thursday, January 05, 2006

Amelia Earhart kicks off 2006 with third grade students at Avon Heritage South.

Mrs. Fecko’s third grade students has the opportunity to receive a visit from Amelia Earhart and to discuss her life and place in the history books. This lifelike presentation by Pat Jordan of Virent Broadcasting was only made possible by videoconferencing as she preformed from Rose Tree Media in Pennsylvania.

The students had just started reading a story about Amelia Earhart which made this program a perfect fit into the 3rd graders Social Studies and Language Arts Curricula. After her performance the students had several questions about her life, accomplishments and tragedies. It was a great learning opportunity for the students and one that they will remember for some time.

Virent Broadcasting offers many impersonators of historical figures. Pat Jordan can also be seen presenting Betsy Ross, Deborah Franklin (Ben Franklin's wife), Abigail Adams (President John Adams’ wife), Sarah Gibbons (a colonial indentured servant), Fanny Kemble (1880’s Actress & Abilitionist), Dorothea Dix (Social Reformer), Louisa May Alcott - (author), and Mary Poppins (Fictional Character). Programs and descriptions can be found on the web at .

Avon Middle School has been fortunate enough to play host to John Swartz more commonly known as George Washington and Thomas Edison to the IVC world. John is currently traveling the nation doing only life performances. We wish him luck and hope to see him online again :)

Thanks again Virent, Pat and Rose Tree Media Schools