Tuesday, January 17, 2006

LCDLC Updates and Opportunities for January 17, 2006

** Don’t have time to read all the updates? Watch our 75 second video clip to catch the highlights!


1) WNEO PBS 45/49 Professional Development Opportunity for teachers grades 3-6

WNEO has received several grants to create curriculum units for teachers and is willing to share these resources with our consortium. As per their grant in order for schools to receive the materials they must participate in an in-service which can be done over videoconferencing.

The curriculum packets contain a teacher’s guide and their alignment to Ohio’s content standards, online resources and a video to be used with the students. WNEO will be providing each participating school a curriculum packet that can be shared with your staff. Avon has participated in this program before and the materials are excellent. We would like to share this opportunity with other schools in the consortium.

On January 25th at 3:45pm WNEO will present Antarctica: 90 Degrees South. During the in-service the teachers will discuss the activities, web resources, materials and the video that is included with the curriculum. This program is best suited for science and social studies teacher’s grades 3-6, but fits multiple curricular areas and grade levels.

To learn more about the curriculum and to look over the online resources teachers can visit the WNEO website http://www.pbs4549.org/antarcti/index.htm . They are also welcome to look over the other curriculum units that we will be offering throughout the year at http://www.pbs4549.org/CLASSRMP.HTM

If you would like to be a part of this program please contact me over email with an approximate number of attendees from your site. I will be sending you a curriculum packet prior to the connection to have during the session.

Paul HieronymusEducational ConsultantLorain County Distance Learning ConsortiumPhiero@Leeca.org
2) Magic Science Show for First Grade Classes & How to do a Science Fair Project for Fourth and Fifth Grade Classes

Magic Science Show:
Tri-County North Elementary School is offering to a regular first grade class a Magic Show presented by gifted 3rd-6th graders. Each magic trick is based on science that the audience doesn’t yet understand. Science concepts include air pressure, water pressure, inertia, polymers and chemical reactions causing fizz or change of color. The audience will be observing what happens in the tricks and participating for example by counting by twos as books are added to the Super Slide Tablecloth. Each trick will be introduced with a close up view of vocabulary words such as water, color change, vase, cloth, water box. After the video conference is over we would like the audience to write thank you notes to our students either individually or as a whole class. These notes should use the vocabulary words (water, box, mug, color change, cloth, needle) in describing what they observed & liked in the show.

NOTES: We have presented this show to two different first grade classes in our school & the students were engaged the entire 45 minutes!

WHEN: We will present the show three different times, once on Thursday, January 19th at either 10:00 or 10:30.(Pick which time.) and once on Wednesday January18th & 25th at 1:00. The show lasts about 45 minutes.

WHO: 1st graders

COST: Free except for your postage to mail your thank you notes to us

How To Do a Science Fair Project

Tri-County North Middle School is offering to a regular 4th or 5th grade class a presentation given by gifted 5th & 6th graders. Several students will show and explain how they completed their projects. Other projects will be shown that feature both good and poor characteristics. The audience will participate by assisting with the critique and conclusion of how to conduct a good scientific project.

WHEN: We will present the show two different times, once on each or these Tuesdays January 24th at 10:00 and January 31st at 10:00 . The show lasts about 45 minutes.

AUDIENCE TARGET: 4th or 5th graders

COST: Free

CONTACT: Virginia Wysong via email
Virginia Wysong
Tri-County North School (K-12 complex)
Teacher of the Gifted (3-7)
Tech Coordinator/ IVDL Coordinator
Lewisburg, OH 45338

Teacher’s Name_____________
Number of students___________
Telephone for teacher_______:

Technical Person’s Name_________
Telephone for technical questions______________ Telephone in Video Conferencing Room (cell or regular?)_____________
DID for In State __________ Speed for In State_________ School name in which equipment is located __________

3) SOITA’S TeleTech Tuesday Second Semester Schedule

Our second semester TeleTech Tuesdays are quickly approaching! Registration information is at the end of this e-mail. Cost for each TeleTech is $50, regardless of how many of your staff participate! Participation is limited to ATM sites.


Click on http://www.soita.org/Events/TeleTech_Reg.pdf to download a registration form that lists all TeleTech offerings for the remainder of this school year. The form is an interactive PDF and you can complete it and either fax it back or return it by e-mail. If you have difficulty opening the registration form, please e-mail me and I will send you a copy.
Please call or e-mail if you have any questions.
Bob Stricker
SOITA 150 E. Sixth StreetFranklin, OH 45005Phone: 937.746.6333 or 800.964.8211http://www.soita.org
4) Three Wishes Videoconferences: 8-10 Literature/Writing Classes

We're looking for one to three classes to participate in the following videoconferences related to the Three Wishes TV show. We can connect IP or ISDN.
No charge!

January 24 11:30-12:30 EST "Celebrate the Arts"

Teacher Preparation: Prepare a presentation about a local landmark that needs saved. Preferably the students should make wishes as to which places in their community should be refurbished and used to celebrate the arts (i.e. a warehouse made into an art gallery or an old school house used as a dance studio, etc.)

Presentations should include name & location with a map; background information on the town; history of the town; background information on the landmark and why it should be saved. Have students work in groups to do various parts of the presentation to get as many students involved as possible. Be creative with the presentation.

Videoconference Format: Students will introduce their communities to each other, and then they will present their landmark to be saved to the other schools, pretending as if the other schools are selection committees on the show Three Wishes. As Amy Grant's crew always does something for the arts community, these researched projects can be submitted on the NBC website.
Contact coordinating teacher Lynn Rouse, lrouse@remc11.k12.mi.us if you have questions.

Curriculum Connection: social studies, language arts (researching, writing, presenting)

February 14 11:30-12:30 EST "May Your Wish Come True"

Teacher Preparation: Students will have to write essays about who their dream valentines would be. Teachers must remind students to choose people most people would know.

Videoconference Format: We'll play some mood music and have a romantic theme. Students should have a way of showing a picture of their love interests. I'll do a lead in about "love" being a theme of literature throughout the ages. Then the students will read their love letters to their unrequited loves. After each essay, students will respond to the writing, commenting on what they liked about the love letter.

Curriculum Connection: literature, speech, current events

March 17 (tentative) 9:00-10:00 EST "Luck of the Irish"

Teacher Preparation: Students should research some part of St. Patrick's Day to present to the rest of the classes. My class is doing Notre Dame lore. Each class should tell me what part of the day they are researching before the big day. By then, I hope to have a way to get Amy Grant with us.
Cross your fingers.

Videoconference Format: I hope to have each school take a turn presenting and questioning. If Amy Grant signs on, we'll definitely work around HER!

Curriculum Connection: researching, presenting, history, folklore (Language Arts and Social Studies)

More Details & Online Registration Here:
Janine Lim
Instructional Technology Consultant
Berrien County ISD
711 St. Joseph Ave.
Berrien Springs, MI 49103

Ph: (269) 471-7725x101
Fax: (269) 471-1221
Web: http://www.remc11.k12.mi.us/dl
Blog: http://bcisdvcs.blogspot.com/
5) Need 3rd Grade Class for Read Across America

A third grade class at Bluebonnet Elementary School in Round Rock, Texas, would like to pair with a class participating in Read Across America. We will share introductions to ourselves, our school, and a reader's theater presentation by video conference. Please contact debby_jones@roundrockisd.org or karen_lovelace@roundrockisd.org.

Debby Jones
Curriculum Integration Specialist
Caldwell Heights Elementary (512)428-7344
Bluebonnet Elementary (512)428-7731
6) Seeking Partners for Mock Trial-Grades 10-12

Trial by Wire will allow several locations to try a murder case together. This project will entail research by the students and their participation in a videoconference. They will be simulating a court trial (taken from an actual state of Missouri court case). A librarian from the St. Louis County Library will act as judge and will help students research the case. We need three classes from different schools to participate. One will act as the prosecution, one will be the defense, and one will be the jury. Right now, we do not have a date/time, but want to coordinate this between the three schools. This fits best with a block scheduling high school, but if you are not on block scheduling and would like to participate, we might be able to arrange this for you. Here is the actual breakdown of the videoconference:1. Prosecution presents their evidence and argument 2. Defense presents their evidence and argument 3. Both sides present their final arguments; jury is allowed to question the judge before deliberating. Judge instructs the jury as to their task and deliberations; jury deliberates and reaches a verdict.4. Jury announces their verdict; jury explains their verdict. Judge makes a statement. Students ask additional questions and discuss their learning experiences. (Depending on time, this may have to be done at a second videoconference or over email.)Email if you are interested.

Martha BogartCoordinator, Distance LearningCooperating School DistrictsEducation: Other Educational OrganizationSt. Louis, MOUnited StatesPhone: (314) 692-1258mbogart@csd.org
7) Poetry Please (See Attachment)

Please open and circulate to your schools. We are in our 4th year of producing this program in conjunction with Cleveland State University. It has always been a tremendous success. I would be happy to schedule informational videoconferences with your teachers if they are interested in learning more about this program.

Thanks as always. Contact me with questions.
Sandy Kreisman, Community Education skreisman@universitycircle.org University Circle Interactive Cleveland 10831 Magnolia Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44106 (216) 707-5021 office phone(216) 791-3935 fax (330) 221-0421 cell

8) Square of Life Project – Grades 2-4

Arizona Elementary School classes seeking partner classes to work through 'Square of Life' collaborative project. This on-line, fully developed project, directs students to catalog and map an area of ground around the school. Students share discoveries and findings with partner class, students post findings to project website - scientific inquiry, writing, compare & contrast, graphing. Email as soon as possible and be part of our planning process too!!!Formal Registration Feb 2006http://www.k12science.org/curriculum/squareproj/ We would like to hear from you in January so that you are part of our planning process!We would like to video conference with our partner classes as part of this project!

Amy ChayefskyEducation: Media/Technology SpecialistMaricopa Unified School District # 20Education: High SchoolMaricopa, AZUnited StatesPhone: (520) 568-5129achayefsky@musd20.org



Dear Colleagues,

I have received the following request from one of our allies in VC from England. If anyone is willing to connect, please contact him directly ...

Contact: Sacha Cinnamond, sacha.cinnamond@mct.suffolk.sch.uk
School: Mildenhall College of Technology (16-18 year olds)

His email follows....."Finally I was wondering if you had contact with many schools in your area who may like to do some collaborative VC work with us. In particular we run an Advanced Level course (more able 16 to 18 years old) in government and politics, a third of this course involves a comparative study of the British and US political systems. If you could forward me the e-mail addresses of teachers or schools who may be interested I would be most grateful."

Jason A. Dennison
Manager of Educational Initiatives
Cincinnati Museum Center
1301 Western Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45203
TEL: +1 (513) 763-2315
FAX: +1 (513) 287-7095
MOBILE: +1 (513) 377-1585
E-MAIL: jdennison@cincymuseum.org

Dave Miller
Director of Distance Learning
Lorain County Distance Learning Consortium
ESC of Lorain County
1885 Lake Avenue
Elyria, OH 44035
440 324-5777 ext 195 Office
440 610-0782 Mobile