Wednesday, February 15, 2006


MissJiovanazzo and Rabatin’s classes started a 6 week series of Spanish lessons with the CILC in Indianapolis. Research shows that the earlier we introduce a language the better. Learning a language is a powerful strategy to help children gain an appreciation for diversity and the world outside their everyday life. It is also a wonderful way for Spanish speaking ELL students to learn English and feel supported as their classmates are learning their language.

This program will be followed up by a series of connections with the Avon HS Spanish classes. We look forward to see our student’s progress.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Avon Eagles Soar at Ohio E-Tech Conference

The Avon Distance Learning Staff had a busy couple of days at the Ohio E-Tech Conference with staff members being part of 6 scheduled programs during the conference.

Paul Hieronymus and Dave Miller presented Monday morning on Going Beyond Grant Funding” and discussed how collaborations have provided our consortium schools with enhancements to their curricula. Dave and Paul were also part of a 5 coordinator panel discussion on multiple uses of videoconferencing and Ohio’s migration to IP video.

Janice Ventresco was part of Carol Straub’s presentation with a teacher from East Liverpool school district on the collaboration between Avon HS Spanish students and Kindergarten students from North Elementary School. The media was on hand at North Elementary school making the 6pm news. ---Way to Go Janice!

Peggy Masin, Linda Clark and Cyndi Michelich we part of demonstrations by the Cleveland Museum of Art. CMA brought their entire studio to the Columbus Convention Center and did programs to live audiences with our classes. Two 3rd grade classes from Heritage South learned about the Aztec and Mayan cultures while 2nd grade students from Avon East discussed Native American tribes and bartering techniques. The teachers and the students did a fantastic job!

Great job teachers!!!