Thursday, October 19, 2006

Careers in Architecture

Avon High School students in Mr. Lindway’s Tech Ed Class provided his students career programming through videoconferencing with WVIZ PBS 25. Robert W. Blatchford Jr. President of Lesko Architecture in Cleveland provided students with back ground information about the field of architecture the current projects he is involved with in the Cleveland area.

This session was perfect timing with our class. Mr. Lindway’s students had just completed their bridge project. Each student drafted their own design which was later constructed out of balsa wood. The completed bridges were tested with weights. The a architecture discussion was a fitting conclusion to their project.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Avon East students build a better pencil with the Greenbush ESC

Mrs. Scaletta’s 2nd grade students discuss the scientific process and inventions through an interactive session with the Greenbush Educational Service Center in Girard Kansas. The students discussed how sticky notes have changed our everyday life and why it was invented. Once the students had a better understanding on inventions the students took their best efforts to invent a better pencil. They identified the problems the have with their pencils. Once the problems were identified the students in groups of three picked one of the problems and built a better pencil with items given to them from their teacher and Greenbush. The students shared their pencils with Mrs. Pride using the document camera. The students used pipe cleaners for better grips, larger erasers, cotton to avoid splinters and other cool designs to keep the pencil from rolling away.

This was a great program aligned to Ohio’s science content standards and will help our students prepare for our state science test.

Way to go Greenbush!