Friday, November 10, 2006

Avon Students learn about the Sioux Nation with the Green Bush ESC

Several second grade classes developed a better understanding of Indian culture and history through an interactive lesson provided by Lisa Pride at the Green Bush ESC. Students discussed the many artifacts and their uses to identify the roles people played in the Sioux Nation. The students discussed the different forms of written communication and how important it was to Indian tribes throughout the world.

The students demonstrated their understanding of image writing by creating their own messages using examples provided by Lisa at Green Bush and some images of their own. The students tore paper backs to represent animal hides and wrote messages using pictures to their classmates. Once completed; the students shared their stories to the class and Mrs. Pride.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Reptiles and Amphibians invade Heritage South through Video Distance Learning

Mrs. Frank and Johnson’s third grade classes introduce reptiles and amphibians to their science classes with the Lorain County MetroParks. The students discussed the difference between mammals, amphibians and reptiles through several live examples. Leslie McNut did a great job explaining the difference between cold and warm blooded animals and the way they survive.

The students enjoyed the snapping turtles, snakes and toads that were placed in the document camera. The close up view from the camera provided the students a view the snakes scales, the toad’s skin and the bottom of the turtle shells. This provided students a better view of these animals than if there are at the nature center. One of the favorite parts of the session was watching the toad eat.

This session was one of the many great programs provided by the Lorain County MetroParks. To learn more about their programming you can visit them on the web at

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Up In The Air Introduction of Students

Science students from Mrs. Neumann’s class at Avon MS meet their partner class at Amherst Steele HS. The classes will be sharing lessons and activities with each others schools. The HS students will be reinforcing their science curriculum through mini lessons with AMS. The AMS students plan to share information and lessons learned during the school year.

The first meeting of the classes gives the students a better understanding of the technology and the opportunity to meet the students they will be working with throughout the school year. The students introduced themselves to their partner school and asked questions about their schools and communities.

We are looking forward to working with Amherst HS this year.