Friday, March 02, 2007

Avon Students “Conduct” great experiments with Greenbush ESC in Kansas

Mrs. Grabert and Masin’s second grade students took part in a great lesson on electricity with the Greenbush IDL program out of Girard, Kansas. The students did several experiments with batteries and light bulb to determine what items were the best conductors of electricity. Students were given a bag full of items ranging from yarn to paper clips. The students had to make a hypothesis as to the connectivity of the item then test with a battery and light bulb. Once the student experiments were completed the a diagram was created to show which items were conductors, were not conductors and which items were both depending on the parts used.

This lesson was a great activity that will help the students meet Ohio’s science standards and reinforce lessons that the classes will be completing this school year. The session was rewarding and fun for all of the students. We look forward to future lessons with the Greenbush IDL program.

To learn more about Greenbush and their program opportunities check them out of the web at

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How was your day Forest Heights Elementary School?

Mrs. Cogar’s second grade class and students from Forest Heights Elementary School in Baton Rouge Louisiana met over the videoconferencing system to hear an interactive story read by Paul Hieronymus. The classes enjoyed seeing their locations on Google Earth and meeting each other on line. Once the introductions were complete the students enjoyed the story Today was a Terrible Day by Patricia Reilly Giff.

Using the document camera the students were shown the pictures in the book as the story was read to them. After each page the camera was switched back to the reader for comments as the page was turned. This was a crude copy of Reading Rainbow but it worked for the students.

After the story the students from both classes shared examples of things that lead to a terrible day and what events can make it a great day. The students had great things to share. This was a nice opportunity for the students to see each other and interact.

We hope to have other terrific days with Forest Heights in the future!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

5th graders from Avon Heritage North Follow the North Star with Conner Prairie

Miss Rottman’s and Mrs. Eckers 5th grade students were transformed into run away slaves trying to make it to the “Free” states and become free man and women. The Conner Prairie Living Museum in Indiana serves as the classes guide as they travel from house to house on the Underground Railroad. The travel is difficult and consequences are high for the students but thanks to help from the Quakers the students have a chance to be free.

Conner Prairie uses video from a reenactment of the journey with students. As the students travel from house to house the presenter from Conner Prairie discussed the status of their journey and help the students understand what had occurred and what would happen next. This helped reinforce the information provided in the video.

This was a great opportunity for the students a unique view of the Underground Railroad.

To learn more about Conner Prairie and their Educational programs offered through videoconferencing vist them online at

Monday, February 26, 2007

Dr. Dina Might visits Avon East Elementary School

Mrs. Hartwell and O’Hara’s second grade students learned more about Dinosaurs through a videoconference with the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo. Dr. Dina Might help the students compare and contrast animals at the Zoo with Dinosaurs. The students enjoyed seeing images of dinosaurs and learning how Paleontologist discovered and what they have learned about their remains.

The presenter did a great job using local animals to point out many of the characteristics that are in common with these amazing creatures of our worlds past. Using the document camera the students took a closer look at the scales on a bearded dragon. This provided the students a better understanding of the animals.

This program was a great introduction to extinction and animals adaptations. To learn more about the programs offered by the Cleveland Zoo you can visit them on the web at