Friday, October 06, 2006

Hola Avon East Amigos

Avon High School and three second grade classes from Avon East Elementary School started their Spanish classes over videoconferencing. Avon High School students from Mrs. Ventresco’s Spanish 3 and 4 classes reinforced there language skills be working with Mrs. Cogar, Triplett and Hartmen’s classes. The students learned to words hello, good bye, friend, Mr and Mrs.

The classes sang songs and answered questions asked by the High School students with the guidance of Mrs. Ventresco. Spanish lessons will be offered every Friday to the classes from Avon East. Each week the High School students will have more involvement in the lessons. The elementary students were thrilled with the class and the opportunity to learn a foreign language.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mrs. Scaletta’s second grade classes visit the rainforests with Greenbush Kansas

Mrs Scaletta’s second grade class discussed food webs and the rainforest habitat with the Greenbush IDL program. Mrs. Pride brought out several rainforest creatures during the presentation to demonstrate the many adaptations they use to survive. The students were treated with snakes, iguana’s, tarantula’s and one cool hissing cockroach!

After the animals Mrs. Pride discussed food webs and assisted the students as they created their own food using paper strips to make a chain. The Avon students created hain links for animals found in the rainforest and at home. This great lesson was a fitting completion on Mrs. Scaletta’s rainforest unit. The students enjoyed the session and look forward to more programs from Greenbush.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Send in the worms!

The second grade classes from Avon East Elementary School met with their partner classes at Miami Country Day School in Miami Florida to share the changes the have occurred since their last meeting and to add a living organism to the soil of their terrariums.

Mrs. Gerber share information on the anatomy of a worm, while the Avon site broadcasted an earthworm on the systems document camera. Once the students observed the earth worms, they listed their worm’s characteristic and drew pictures. The students added their warms to their terrariums and set them aside until the next class meeting.