Friday, December 16, 2005

Health Students become DNA Detectives

Avon High School Students had the opportunity to be DNA detectives with Heath Space Cleveland. After an overview of DNA and their roll in human development the students were divided in to groups of 4 and 5 and assigned a suspect of a crime screen. Using a sample of that person’s DNA sequence. The students cut the DNA sequences and into manageable numbers for comparison to a sample taken from the victim.

This program was made possible through a generous donation by the Henkel Adhesives Corporation that donated funds to Health Space Cleveland for distance education for Lorain County Ohio Schools. If you would like to learn more about the distance learning programs provided by Health Space Cleveland check them out at

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Avon East Participates in the First Annual Holidays Traditions Conference

After a huge snowstorm that blew through the North East canceling the conference the previous week, the Holidays Traditions Conference launched their first conference on this morning. Avon East Elementary School was in and out of the conference due to schedule conflicts with the video systems but felt the conference was a huge success and look forward to being a part in the program next schools.

Originally Miss Lavelle, Schaffer and Mrs. Bunnevich’s classes were scheduled to sing their choir pieces to the conference, but the rescheduled date did not make this possible. Instead I read the classic poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” otherwise known as the “Night Before Christmas” by Clement Clarke Moore. Our remote audience was 4th and 5th grade students from Taylor Texas. Using PowerPoint and images downloaded from various sites on the Internet the students enjoyed images of the first visit of St. Nicholas as the poem was read to the local and remote audiences.

Mrs. Masin and Miss Lavelle’s students enjoyed meeting the students from Taylor Texas and discussing the weather with Mr. Claus between sessions. The students were also treated to a discussion of the Christmas Traditions of Africa from Dr. Mbeje and Dr. Dinar, University of Pennsylvania , Philadelphia, PA .

A special thanks to the students from Miss Lavelle’s students that won door prizes drawn from Santa himself. Megan L., Joseph Y., Meghan H., Alicia S., and Ryan M.,

Way to go EAGLES!

Other schools in attendance were Central Cambria Elementary, Ebensburg, PA, St. Paul School, Taylor, TX, Glendale Elementary School, Flinton, PA, Mt. Zion Elementary School, Mt. Zion, PA, St. Francis University, the Ohio State University and St. Francis University.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Catch me if you can

3rd grade students from Avon Heritage South discussed the various ways that they can hunt and protect themselves out in the wild. Using Ohio’s wildlife the Lorain County Metro Parks French Creek Nature Center showed examples of camouflage and hunting techniques. The Catch me if you can program demonstrated how animals are hunted and they various ways that they protect themselves. Leslie our naturalist used images, live animals and video clips to interact with the students.

The program started with the students identifying animals that are predators, prey and animals that are both. The students did a great job classifying the animals shown and had great questions for Leslie about the animals behavior.

The Lorain County Metro Parks is the Lorain County Distance Learning Consortium’s (LCDLC) newest content provider which offers programs to grades K-12. Their programs are scheduled on demand and are free to LCDLC schools. Other schools can schedule their programs for $40.00.

Way to go Lorain Metro!

Monday, December 12, 2005

LCDLC Updates for 12/12/05

1) FREE ELEMENTARY PROGRAM - "Wooing Wed Widing Hood" Unveiled: A Children's Play in the making - Behind the scenes
2) INSTANT HARMONICA WORKSHOP with Blues great Billy Branch
7) ANTARCTICA ANNIE VIDEOCONFERENCE (Local teacher visits Antarctica for 30 days)

1) FREE ELEMENTARY PROGRAM - "Wooing Wed Widing Hood" Unveiled: A Children's Play in the making - Behind the scenes

Our existing teachers have developed some GREAT programs. Pat Price is offering the following three part session to any elementary school that would like to participate. For details on the lesson and/or to view Pat’s short video promo, click on the following link . Pat’s program is listed under the Elementary Programs.

2) INSTANT HARMONICA WORKSHOP with Blues great Billy Branch
For the third year running, the Museum of Science and Industry is pleased to offer the "Instant Harmonica" Workshop with Blues great Billy Branch. In this interactive 45-minute program, students will learn the basics of playing the harmonica. We will offer two sessions of the program on Thursday, February 23rd only. This is a very popular program and registration will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis. These sessions are open to students in grades 4-8 only.
Please call Anel at 773.684.1414 to register. 10:00 and 11:00 AM CST, February 23rd only. Cost is $90 and includes harmonicas and song sheets for up to 35 students.
Sarah Tschaen Senior Education Coordinator Museum of Science and Industry 57th Street and Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois 60637-2093
(773) 753-6254 direct line (773) 684-9844, Ext. 6254


Virtual Teacher Exchange Program

Austin Urban Debate League, World Class Schools, and ALOUD are not proud to sponsor a new and innovative program- Summer School Virtual Teacher Exchange programs. Teachers will be matched with schools in other coutnries or other areas of the US and teach summer school. This will allow schools to obtain the best and brightest minds in the world to teach their students. The rewards will be professional development, participating in a project on the ground floor, and inservice or CE credits. Imagine teaching in another country and home in your own bed each night. Sounds exciting then you are the person we need.

For more details

Michael Cunningham
or call 512-386-3219


Hello all,

I am trying to find grade 5 and 6 teachers who would be interested in participating in the Chapters project, a web-based writing project with a culminating videoconference presentation. I have attached the flyer that advertises the project. I have requests to participate from teachers in Texas and Cambridge, Ohio, but I don't have enough area teachers to partner them with for the project.

Please share the attached flyer with your fifth and sixth grade teachers and ask them to contact me if they are interested in participating. I am hoping to schedule the project for January and February.

Thank you.


The TCHESC has some limited time slots left for the Distance Learning content, Santa and his Elves. This program will last between 30 and 4 minutes and Santa will do his best to call on as many children as possible. The sessions are limited to 35 children, so that Santa can call on as many as possible. He will also be sharing facts about reindeer and comparing them to white tailed deer. He will discuss mammals, herbivores, and other characteristics of the animals. The elves will also be making an appearance.
This session costs $50 and we must have the PO prior to connecting. To register, go to <> and then look on the left side of the page for a link to a reservation system called Santa and his Elves. After successfully registering, you can go to this web address, to download the materials. It is IMPERATIVE that if you are able to register, you MUST fax us the form called wish list by Thursday, December 8th so that Santa has time to see all the requests.


Michele L. Carlisle
Gifted and Instructional Technology Specialist
Tuscarawas Carroll Harrison Educational Service Center
330-308-9939 x 220


DL Liaisons:
I still have ATM slots available for your schools to participate in Thursday's Careers with a Symphony Orchestra. Please share the attached flyer with your high school and middle school music departments.

7) ANTARCTICA ANNIE VIDEOCONFERENCE (Local teacher visits Antarctica for 30 days)

Visit with Marianne Kaput from Troy Intermediate schools, Avon Lake as she researches the unique characteristics of the Belica Antarctica, an insect in Antarctica. She will be on Palmer station with 30 scientists. Marianne (Antarctica Annie) will be conducting two live videoconferences from their Satellite uplink while there. There are multiple levels of participation for students. This program is geared for grades 5 – 8 and will include the creative problem solving model for schools who wish to participate. See attached flyer “Antarctica Flyer”.

Dave Miller
Director of Distance Learning
Lorain County Distance Learning Consortium
1885 Lake Avenue
Elyria, OH 44012
440 324-5777 ext 195 Office
440 610-0782 Cell


Hi Everyone. It’s hard to believe, but this may be our last communication before the Christmas break! If we don’t talk to you again before the break, Merry Christmas!