Thursday, May 10, 2007

What ever the Weather with the Lorain County Metro Parks

Student from Avon East and Harris Elementary School were treated to a lesson on weather with the Lorain County Metro Parks from the French Creek Nature Center. The students discuss the relationship the earth and the sun have to make our atmosphere and the weather patterns. Several experiments were demonstrated to show air pressure, temperature and win velocity. The students were connected as part of their classroom partnerships and will connect again to do experiments with each others classes.

The Lorain County Metro Parks are a member of the Lorain County Distance Learning Consortium and provide programming to sites in the consortium at no cost, but will connect to other consortiums or schools on demand.

To learn more about the Lorain County Metro Parks and their program offerings you can visit them on the web at

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Avon Celebrates Country of the Week with The School of Life – Jordon

Mrs. Clark and Michelich’s third grade students were honored to be contacted by the School of Life in Amman, Jordan for their country of the week program. The students from Avon were treated to information about their country through presentations by the second through fifth grade classes from the School of Life. At the end the class sang their national anthem which is sung each morning. The Avon students shared the pledge of allegiance with their students. A PowerPoint created by the Avon class’s shared information about the United States and the city of Avon. The students took turns presenting slides and adding information that they felt highlighted our community.

Once the formal presentations were completed the students enjoyed a time of questions and answers. Our students were amazed to hear that Amman, Jordan not only had snow this winter but had snow days. The sharing of common interests and activities made the students feel comfortable and they enjoyed their conversations. We were impressed to hear the languages studied and the common books read and used.

When the session was over the students shared my favorite comment I hear time and time again with connections outside of our state; “those kids were just like us”. It is amazing how a third grader can summarize the power of international collaborations. The fact that the students reinforced many of our state standards while broadening their understanding of other countries speaks volumes.
We hope to see the School of Life online again in the future!