Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Heritage South students get wild with the Buffalo Zoo

Mrs. Johnson’s 3rd grade class at Avon Heritage South enhanced their lesson on rainforests and habitats through a videoconference with the Buffalo Zoo. The students named the layers of the rainforest and many of the animals that make it their home.
As the students observed exhibits of the Buffalo Zoo, the students identified the layers they lived and the adaptations they have made to be successful. The students viewed insects, birds, reptiles and Gorillas. The students are thrilled to see Barney the ball python. Placed on the document camera gave the students the ability to see the scales, and eyes. Lilly the Gorilla stole the show with her climbing skills.

One of the advantages of seeing snakes though videoconferencing is the ability to show close ups on part of the snake for all of the students even the ones afraid of snakes. This allows the presenter to show features quickly and allow the students to be moved from task to task. The Rainforest experience program with the Buffalo Zoo is a great program that has become a standard part of Mrs. Johnson’s science lesson plan.

The Buffalo Zoo Distance Learning Programs can be found online at