Friday, September 29, 2006

Avon Heritage South and Magnolia Texas start collaborative story project

Mrs. Erreditario, a forth grade teacher at Avon Heritage South met with her partner teacher from Williams Elementary School in Magnolia, Texas to plan their collaborative story project. The classes will use a Wiki to help share chapters with each others school and for their classes to collaborate online.

The classes will brainstorm their favorite fictional topics to be shared with their partner school in October. During a meet and greet session the classes will vote on their favorite topic and the story writing will begin. The classes will create a four chapter story in which each class will be responsible for two chapters. After the completion of the fourth chapter both classes will complete the conclusion and present their ending to their partner class.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

2nd grade classes create terrariums with Miami Florida

Mrs. Grabert and Masin’s 2nd grade classes started their terrarium project with students from Miami Country Day School in Miami Florida. Using see through salad containers donated by the Avon Heinen's grocery store the student’s added soil, rocks, bird seed and dried up grass/leaves to create their own ecosystem.
Mrs. Gerber from Miami described the difference between dirt and soil as students compared samples of each other soil. Water was added to help the seed planted by the students. The classes made predictions of how their terrariums will change by the next time the classes meet.