Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pirates invade Avon Heritage South for the year’s last videoconference

What could be better on the last day of school than a videoconference with the Mariners Museum on Pirates? Third graders at Avon Heritage South participated in a interactive discussion on the life of a pirate. The students compared and contract legends and movies to images and stories told by the museum.

The students enjoyed stories about Black Beard, Ann Bonnie and Mary Reed as much as the single shot musket pistols, swards and pirate money. The story of Black Beards six pistols and how he was captured gave the students great stories to tell their friends and parents. While traditional pirates have disappeared over the seven seas, everyone was surprised to hear that acts of piracy still occur today.

This was our first connection to Mariners’ Museum. Our classes and teachers were thrilled with the content and the program. We look forward to doing more with them!
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