Friday, November 18, 2005

Girls Inc. help Avon East Students with Strangers

Through the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC), a great organization called Girls Inc presented a program about strangers for 1st grade students at Avon East Elementary School. The students discussed the dangers of strangers and techniques of avoidance, getting away and getting help.

The program was done in a multipoint with a school in Indiana. The ladies from Girls Inc were interactive and provided the students with information that we hope that our students will never need. This was a fantastic program that I would recommend to other schools. We had great feed back from our participating teachers and a great response from the staff at Avon East that we plan to contact the organization for additional programs.

Thanks again Girls Inc!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Taking a Dive Down Under with the French Creek Nature Center

This evening my son and I enjoyed watching one of Ohio’s newest content providers give the community a special presentation of a virtual dive in the Great Barrier Reef exhibit with Reef HQ in Townsend, Australia. The crowd of over 100 residents packed the theater as our diver Fred swam around the tank with his camera giving us a fish eyed view of the exhibit. This amazing event was topped off with a dive into their predator tank as the crowd was shown three species of shark and one friendly turtle named lucky. To Learn More about Reef HQ’s distance learning program visit

The Reef HQ program was part of French Creek’s Australian exhibit which an experience all in its own. For $1.00 the community can see live kangaroos, emus and even touch a shark. The exhibit will run through February of this year. Local readers should stop out and take in the sites.

The Lorain County Metro Parks also provides distance learning programming to classrooms through videoconferencing. Their specialty is environmental science providing students lessons aligned to Ohio’s Science Standards. To learn more about the Lorain County Metro Parks and their distance education programs visit them on the web at . To schedule a distance learning program call the French Creek Nature Center (440) 949-5200.

Magnificent Manatees!

I had the pleasure of sitting in on our third grade classes participating in the Magnificent Manatees program this morning with the Columbus Zoo. I enjoyed watching the interaction with the students and the instructor as the students met Ohio’s standards in Math, Social Studies and Science.

The Columbus Zoo is one of the few providers that take their videoconferencing system to the exhibit which is not an easy thing to pull off, especially during Ohio’s second snow fall of the season. While the exhibit is in doors they still have to move the system to that location. The Columbus Zoo sent materials to the classroom teachers which consisted on foam samples representing blubber, a life size drawing of a manatee, hair samples from manatees and some great pre and post activities for the classroom teachers.

Way Cool Columbus Zoo!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

LCDLC Updates for the week of 11/14/05

2) ANIMATION – FROM INITIAL CONCEPT TO FINAL PRODUCT (University Circle – Cleveland Museum of Art)
4) “SCIENCE: SCIENCE ON THE SANDLOT” (& Other programming from the Baseball hall of fame)


Our newest member partner, the Lorain County Metro Parks is offering a free IVDL connection at their facility this Thursday, November 17th at 7:00 P.M. This session is open to the general public. During our session, we’ll be connecting to Reef HQ and visiting with Fred, and underwater diver who will be swimming in the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium, situated in Townsville, Australia. Fred will be swimming with the Sharks in this tank!

If you and/or your family is free, feel free to join us as we visit Reef HQ at the Lorain County Metro Parks – French Creek Nature Center, 4530 Colorado Avenue, Sheffield Village, Ohio 44054, (440) 949-5200. Come a little early and visit the “Australia – The Wonder Down Under” exhibit for only a buck!


2) ANIMATION – FROM INITIAL CONCEPT TO FINAL PRODUCT (University Circle – Cleveland Museum of Art)

Hello All.

I have been able to convince the students at the Cleveland Institute of Art to offer these fantastic programs once more on Monday, November 21st. We will have one interactive class and the rest will be view only. If you are on the Ohio ATM network, we can accept your site without a problem.
However, if you are out of state, we can only accept 2-3 sites and you must be able to connect via ISDN. While the programs are FREE, if you are connecting from out of state, there will be a long distance phone charge to connect ISDN of approximately $40.00.

The times for these programs will be:

Animation: Behind the Scenes
Monday, November 21st
11:00 am - 12:00 pm (EST)

Interactive Media: Behind the Scenes
Monday, November 21st
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (EST)

I have an interactive site for the Animation Program. I NEED an interactive site for the Interactive Media Program which is equally as exciting and focuses on web sites and how to conceptualize and develop computer games and other interactive electronics.

Here are the program flyers one more time for your information. Please call me on Monday.

<> <>

Sandy Kreisman, Community Education
University Circle Interactive Cleveland
10831 Magnolia Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
(216) 707-5021 office phone
(216) 791-3935 fax
(330) 221-0421 cell

Learn more about distance learning at



See the attached document WVIZ/NOTA “O’Donnell Invite.doc” for more information on this program.

Also, see attached documents:

“Construction Trades Invite”
“Computer Design invite”

John Ramicone


4) “SCIENCE: SCIENCE ON THE SANDLOT” (& Other programming from the Baseball hall of fame)
The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is excited to announce three new videoconference programs have been added to our EBBETS Field Trip series. The new programs are:
Labor History: Hardball and Handshakes -- an upper level (8 - 12 grades) economics unit which focuses on the relationship between owners, managers, and players. Students participating in this program utilize baseball players contracts to analyze how and why they have changed over the years. Some topics covered in this program include reserve clause, free agency, and collective bargaining.
Science: Science on the Sandlot -- appropriate for grades 4 - 8. Students engage in hands-on activities as they learn how science is involved in every action a baseball player makes at bat and on the field.
Disabilities Awareness: T0 the Best of Their Ability -- appropriate for grades 4 - 8. Students learn how players have overcome numerous challenges and obstacles to excel in their field. Emotional, medical, physical, mental, and chemical challenges are included as topics discussed in this videoconference.
For more information or to schedule one of these new programs or one of our other 10 popular programs please visit: or call 607-547-0347.
Samantha Faria Manager of Outreach Programs National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum 25 Main Street, Cooperstown, NY, 13326 (607) 547-0391
5) Genocide, Human Rights and Citizenship

The Eastchester UFSD and Global-Leap are considering a repeat of our series of one-hour international multipoint videoconferences focusing on five historical events: the Holocaust and the genocides in Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda and Sudan.The conferences will provide opportunities for groups of high school students to learn about the events, share their knowledge and exchange ideas through videoconferencing and an online (Blackboard) site. Each conference will include two schools from the United States, two from the United Kingdom and a guest who has expertise and experience with the particular event. All conferences will feature co-moderators from both the United States and the United Kingdom. The general format for each conference is an opening statement by the guest, a Q&A and a moderated discussion. All participants will dial directly into a bridge using an ISDN or IP connection. All conferences will run from 8:00-9:00 am EST (1:00-2:00 GMT). Here are the dates and guests for the videoconferences are to be determined.Schools interested participating should contact us so that a list of possible participants can be established. We will offer slots to schools (based on their interest) on a first-come, first-served basis. Please indicate the conference(s) of interest and how you will participate (full online collaboration or conference participation only) through email. We will contact schools directly when dates and slots are available. Feel free to contact us by email for additional information.

Time Frame- February 2006 - May 2006
Target Audience - Grade(s): 10, 11, 12
Disciplines – Social Studies/History

John BlaserTechnology Integration SpecialistEastchester UFSDEducation: K-12 SchoolEastchester, NYUnited StatesPhone: (914) 793-6130 ext.


6) Mock Trial

Trial by Wire will allow several locations to try a murder case together. This project will entail research by the students and their participation in a videoconference. They will be simulating a court trial (taken from an actual state of Missouri court case). A librarian from the St. Louis County Library will act as judge and will help students research the case. We need three classes from different schools to participate. One will act as the prosecution, one will be the defense, and one will be the jury. Right now, we do not have a date/time, but want to coordinate this between the three schools. This fits best with a block scheduling high school, but if you are not on block scheduling and would like to participate, we might be able to arrange this for you.

Here is the actual breakdown of the videoconference:
1. Prosecution presents their evidence and argument
2. Defense presents their evidence and argument
3. Both sides present their final arguments; jury is allowed to question the judge before deliberating. Judge instructs the jury as to their task and deliberations; jury deliberates and reaches a verdict.
4. Jury announces their verdict; jury explains their verdict. Judge makes a statement. Students ask additional questions and discuss their learning experiences. (Depending on time, this may have to be done at a second videoconference or over email.)Email if you are interested.

Contact:Martha BogartCoordinator, Distance LearningCooperating School DistrictsEducation: Other Educational OrganizationSt. Louis, MOUnited StatesPhone: (314)

7) Cultural Theater Exchange

We are looking for a 4th or 5th grade class in another state or country to perform a cultural theater exchange. Our 4th grade classes will perform Texas Tall Tales. We would like another school to have a performance centered on their state or countries folk tales, myths, or legends.

Susan HopperEducation: AdministratorSt. John's Episcopal SchoolEducation: ElementaryDallas, TXUnited StatesPhone: (214) 328-9131 ext.