Friday, March 17, 2006

Readers Theater and Seuss Jeopardy make Read Across America fun for 5th grade students.

Mrs. Bender’s 5th grade class from Avon Heritage North demonstrated their reading and acting skills through a reader’s theatre based on the novel “The BFG” by Roald Dahl. The students read the story during testing week. The students were divided into groups and performed the chapters of the story with props and costumes. The students did a great job reading their parts and their costumes were well done adding to the story greatly.

The students LaForgeville followed the presentation with an interactive game of Jeopardy Read Across America style using Dr. Seuss related categories. The Avon Students were divided into two groups and picked the category and their point value. The students from LaForgeville read each of the questions. The questions were very challenging gave the students an interactive and attentive way to reinforce reading and comprehension skills.

This program was part of the Read Across America program run out of the TWICE consortium in Michigan. The Avon Schools have sixteen RAA connections this school year with seven teachers doing their first collaborations over the systems. Avon and Laforgeville have a total of fourteen connections together which we hope will lead to more collaboration between our schools. They have been a pleasure to work with!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Regis and Kelly Show visits LaForgeville, New York Read Across America Style

Mrs Reichert’s 4th grade students connected with LaForgeville Central Schools for a Read Across America connection with a fun twist. The students from Avon retold their stories to the connecting class in a Regis and Kelly interview format. Unfortunately neither Regis nor Kelly could attend, but Mrs. Reichert did a great job playing host to the unique guests. Avon Heritage South students dressed as the main characters of the stories they had read for Read Across America week while the students from New York played the role of studio audience asking questions about their stories. The Avon students had a great time fielding questions from New York.

The students from LaForgeville, New York followed with wonderful presentation on the books they have read on the Underground Railroad which is part of their communities’ history. The students each took turns sharing the books they have read. We loved their enthusiasm and their knowledge of the Underground Railroad. Our students had more questions than we had time for. It was a great presentation!

This connection was part of a series of connections with LaForgeville Schools as a school district match for the Read Across America program. LaForgeville had fourteen teachers grades 1-6 signup for the program. Avon was happy to add additional teachers to the project to give every teacher an opportunity to connect and present.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The luck of the Irish makes its way to Avon East

The students from Miss Lavelle and Miss Schneider’s second grade classes improved their world history and geography skills with the Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center. The students discussed the geography of Europe, the history of Ireland and the story of St. Patrick. The students shared their knowledge of St. Patrick’s Day and saw a short video about the story of Saint Patrick.

After the video the students discussed the common icons of St. Patrick’s Day and their meanings. This was followed by an interactive story of Jamie O’Rourke and the Great Potato by Tomie dePaola. The students enjoyed the story about the laziest man in all of Ireland and how taking the easy way out of a situation is sometimes more trouble than it's worth. Once the Leprechaun won the gold from Jamie the students discussed American Coins and did a review of math facts by solving some math problems using coins.

The Muskingum ESC did a great job taking the holiday of St. Patrick’s and making it into a multi-curricular lesson of language arts, history and geography. This a great activity that schools should look into especially after State tests.

Great Job Muskingum Valley ESC!

LCDLC Updates 3/13/06

Don’t have time to read our Videoconferencing Opportunities. Get the highlights via a streaming Video HERE!!











1) Third Grade Project: Guess What Town

Columbiana Distance Learning would like to invite third grade classrooms from around the state of Ohio to participate in our “Guess What Town” project. This project focuses on the geography of Ohio. Via videoconferencing students will present a total of 10 clues based on the themes of geography (please see website link below) about the town the school is located in. They will then present them to other Ohio schools. Once all ten clues have been shared then students will try to figure out all the ten towns they connected with.

This project will include three videoconferences
Videoconference 1 – Introduction of each site. Each site will be named a color to keep it’s identity a secret for instance Blue Town, Pink Town, etc.. Students will share there first 5 clues
Videoconference 2 – Students will re-connect and share the remaining five clues.
Videoconference 3 – Students will then “Guess What Towns” they were connected with.

Creative ways to give clues – Students can you use clues on paper and read them aloud, they can show pictures, power points or video clips. The can shoe three-dimensional objects on the document camera. This is a great opportunity to let students use their creative minds to share information.

This is a partnership project between Columbiana County ESC, NOECA and Lorain County Distance Learning.

To see and example of last years Guess What Town project please go to the link below.

If you are interested please let me know by March 17th.


Katrina Dieringer M.Ed.
Distance Learning Consultant
Cell 216.346.2651
2) Watch Me Change: Puberty lessons for grades 4-6th

Watch Me Change

This is a 4th to 6th grade program that gives students the information they need to better understand how and why their body experiences physical and chemical changes during puberty. Students will be given basic information on the biology of human reproductive system and how it works.

This program is offered April and May

Program Length: 45 minutes

Classroom Info: This program can be taught to boys and girls together or we can teach it separately. Program length would change to 40 minutes if separate.

Cost: $45 for one time connection with girls and boys
$55 for two connections separating the boys and girls

Connection: ATM or IP

To schedule this program please contact:

Katrina Dieringer
Columbiana ESC Distance Learning Consultant


3) Free Professional Development Opportunity: Math and Science Gumbo

Attention Math and Science Teachers

Looking for lesson plans and materials on weights, measures, cooking times and temps, physical and chemical changes … you name it and the Kitchen Mathematician will beat, mix, blanche, toast, boil and fricassee food to explore the math and science that goes into cooking. Teachers will receive a teacher’s guide, online resources and tips for using the curriculum from WNEO PBS 45 & 49.

Professional development sessions will be run over the ATM network on March 22, 2006 at 3:30pm, connecting all LCDLC schools interested in participating. The target audience is teachers in grades 3-6. This series has over 22 lessons, all aligned to Ohio’s content standards in Math and Science. Schools and teachers can sign up with Paul Hieronymus of the LCDLC.

See the attached flyer and check out the online resources online at

4) New York School Looking for 2nd Grade Classes for Collaborations

A school in New York contacted me looking for second grade teachers to participate in some classroom collaborations. Avon has connected with this school for Read Across America though ISDN connections. The school is great to work with.

Interested teachers can contact Paul Hieronymus at the LCDLC or René Charles Carver from the Spencer-Van Etten Schools.


René Charles Carver
1/2 time Technology Director
Spencer-Van Etten Schools
1/2 time DL/VC/EL Coordinator
Schuyler-Chemung-Tioga BOCES
(607)795-5350 x2799
5) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame programming:

The Education Department at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is proud to announce the launch of its new distance learning program, On The Road. Using videoconferencing technology, the Museum offers a one of a kind educational experience for grades 4-12. The classes are developed and conducted by the Education Department staff and include exclusive interview clips with key figures in the history of popular music, behind-the-scenes commentary with Museum curators, audio and video clips of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, and more.

This years’ new programming features three classes:

Ball of Confusion: Rock Music and Social Change in the 60s and 70s, Hip-Hop Technology: From Turntables to Computers, and Rock and Roll Reactions: Records, Radio and the Birth of Teenage Culture in 1950s America.
Each class costs $100.00. Each class includes- Online access to pre- and post- connection packets with lesson outlines, supporting materials, and classroom activities.- A pre connection test call.- An hour-long interactive video onferencing class. Here are the course descriptions:
Ball of Confusion: Rock Music and Social Change in the 60s and 70s The history of rock and roll overlaps with some of the most turbulent times in U.S. history. In the 1960s and 1970s in particular, American society faced challenges stemming from the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement, and the Women’s Liberation movement. During this time many people felt that the world was a “Ball of Confusion,” as described in lyrics of the popular Temptations song. This class features songs from the 1960s and 1970s and helps students identify ways that popular musicians have used messages of revolution, protest, and empowerment to question society, and effect change. Supplemental media includes recordings and videos of Hall of Fame Inductees.

Hip-Hop Technology: From Turntables to Computers Have you ever wondered how hip-hop producers develop their big beats? Have you ever wanted to know about the way music digital samplers or synthesizers are used in a song? This class shows students how music technology is an important part of hip-hop music and culture. It includes a live demonstration in which students help to create a new musical composition using the latest computer music software. Students also relate the musical techniques innovated in hip-hop production to larger social issues. Don’t miss this chance to learn about the creation of hip-hop music and culture and gain insight into the world of music technology and production.

Rock and Roll Reactions: Records, Radio and the Birth of Teenage Culture in 1950s America In the mid-1950s the rise of rock and roll prompted a range of reactions in American society. Teenagers fell in love with the music, listening to it on transistor radios and buying it in record stores on 45rpm records. Among their parents, however, many believed that this music was simply noise that had a negative influence on impressionable teens. No matter your position, it soon became clear that rock and roll was here to stay, bringing with it important changes. Young white and black audiences started to mix as they sought out the latest rock and roll bands. Teenagers openly rejected the values associated with their parents' generation. In this class students will study the changes that took place in this remarkable era as they watch and listen to vintage performances by Hall of Fame Inductees such as Chuck Berry, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Hank Williams.
I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need any more info. I appreciate you spreading the word about our programs.
Rock on!

John Goehrke Education Assistant Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum 1 Key Plaza Cleveland, OH 44114 Phone: 216.515.1202 Fax: 216.515.1931
6) Career Programming from Tuscarawas-Carroll-Harrison Educational Service Center

Here is a list of Career Offerings we are providing at the Tuscarawas-Carroll-Harrison Educational Service Center. Please forward this to your High School Teachers and Guidance Counselors.

*** Attached Flyer***
Technology Director
Tuscarawas-Carroll-Harrison Educational Service Center
834 East High Avenue
New Philadelphia, OH 44663
Phone: 330-308-9939 ext. 250
Fax: 330-308-0964

7) Science Resources Galore from INFOhio

Back by popular demand! Join us for a repeat of the popular free interactive video conference professional development workshop for teachers, librarians, curriculum coordinators, and technology coordinators. If you missed this in February, you can sign up now. CEU certificates will be provided.

Science Resources Galore from INFOhio!
March 23, 3:30-4:30

Never before has science been so accessible! It's right at your fingertips with INFOhio and AccessScience and librarians and science teachers can learn all about it over video conferencing in your own building with Sue Subel, Kenston High School Library Media Specialist.

AccessScience is a database with over 7,000 articles, 115,000 dictionary terms and more than 2,000 biographies of key scientists. But, there is more, lots more that will greatly benefit you as the science teacher and your students. How about the Student Center with its suggested "Essay Topics" and "Topical Study Guides"? Why there is even a review and study guides for the Advanced Placement tests! What teacher can't use some "Visual Learning Modules" to help their students better understand scientific concepts?? Learn all about AccessScience. Better yet, hear a science teacher explain how helpful the database can be! Explore other INFOhio science resources as well.

To schedule this video conference email Melissa Higgs-Horwell, Distance Learning Coordinator at the SCOCA ITC/DA site,,with your contact information, video conference contact person, site name, DID number and troubleshooting phone number.
Or fax the attached form.

Melissa Higgs-Horwell
Curriculum Integration Coordinator
P.O. Box 577
175 Beaver Creek Rd.
Piketon, OH 45661
800-634-8828 SCOCA
(740)-289-2082 FAX
740-352-6820 Cell

8) GOSPEL; OPERA; JAZZ; and BLUES videoconferences!

Space is available for YOUR students in the remaining videoconferences in the "Let the Music Move You" series that includes GOSPEL; OPERA; JAZZ; and BLUES. Two sessions at 9:00 and 10:00 CST ( 10:00 and 11:00 Eastern) are scheduled every Thursday in this music series. Register for any or all of these videoconferences at:

Patsy Partin
Vanderbilt University Virtual School
Nashville, TN
(615) 322-6384

9) Need Classes for Terry Trueman Videoconference

The Orange County Department of Education in California still has room for two more classes to participate in a live interactive videoconference with author Terry Trueman on March 31st. Participating classes must be familiar with his book "Stuck In Neutral." The event will be student driven and will revolve around the "Stuck In Neutral" book, as well as a discussion on writing with the author. The videoconference will also be limited to middle and high school students only. Each class will contribute questions prior to the videoconference and the moderator will direct class to ask questions as they are appropriate to the session.

Schools will need to have an IP videoconference to participate The videoconference will be from 10-11 am Pacific Standard Time (1:00 - 2:00 PM EST). Their will be no charge to participate. The event will also be web cast live at on the day of the event.

Please contact Mike Guerena ( by March 15th if you are interested in participating in this learning event.

Michael Guerena
Educational Technology
Orange County Department of Education

Phone: 714-966-4087

10) New Programs and Collaborations on CILC

The following programs and collaboration are new offerings that can be found on the CILC website You may also click on the program title to go directly to the detailed program description on the CILC website.

Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum

Ask the Space Science ExpertAudience: Education: Kindergarten, Grade(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Curriculum Director, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Teacher, College/UniversityDescription: Having access to an expert in the field of space science and astronomy can be easily achieved through this videoconference connection. Our experts are available for your students to ask questions, present their projects, or discuss topics they are researching. Since this offering is flexible in topic, communication between teachers and Adler staff prior to the connection will be necessary.Program Availability: By Request/On Demand ONLY

Science Through Arts at the AdlerAudience: Education: Grade(s): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12Description: How are art and astronomy intertwined? How has the depiction of the night sky changed over time? The Adler's world-class astronomical artifact collection becomes a focus for the answers. Adler?s own historians and astronomers bridge your students? interest in the arts to the rewarding study of history and astronomy in this interactive program.Program Availability: By Request/On Demand ONLY


Pen Pal PartnersAudience: Education: Grade(s): 3, 4Objective of Collaboration: I am looking for a 3rd or 4th grade class to meet up with us using H323 video. Classes could meet and share information back and forth as well as send projects via mail. This would be a new project for me so I am still in the process of designing the calendar of events. Crysti York
For full details, click here.