Thursday, June 01, 2006

Avon Distance Learning Coordinator participates in CILC focus group discussion

The Avon Local Schools continue its working relationship with the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) out of Indianapolis as part of a focus group discussion. A group of coordinators from Ohio, New York, Texas and South Dakota enjoyed an open discussion on many key issues involving videoconferencing as an enhancement to instruction in our school districts. The topics of best practice, professional development and concerns were the key topics.

While the discussion was centered around the CILC consortium and their roll in videoconferencing, the group was enjoyed each other comments and news of a follow meeting has been suggested by Brian Dzwonek of the 29-90 Distance Learning Consortium in South Dakota. The Avon Schools would be interested in further discussions and hope that these could lead to new partnerships and collaborations.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

CSI Avon, Ohio

Mr. Kelly’s sophomore and junior health classes had the opportunity to learn more about DNA and the Human Genome through an interactive game of who done it with Heath Space Cleveland. The students discussed DNA and how genetic information is changing the field of health care. The students participated in a simulated forensics investigation using DNA evidence.

A murder had taken place on the grounds of Health Space Cleveland and skin was found under the victim’s finger nails. The Avon Students were given DNA data for five suspects. After breaking down the code of the five suspects and the sample taken from the victim the class determined which DNA was a match.

The program gave the students a better understanding of DNA forensic science. Lesson activities and materials can be found on the Health Space website. To learn more about their distance education programs check out their website

The Avon Local Schools would like to thank the Henkle Adhesive Corporation for the purchase of three distance learning programs. Through a generous donation by the company Lorain County Schools an receive free programming from Health Space Cleveland.