Thursday, May 04, 2006

Avon Middle School students discuss privacy issues with RFID microchips

Through the Vanderbilt Virtual School in Tennessee Avon Students discussed the advantages and disadvantages of RFID microchips that can send information from packages, passports and clothing. The presenter provide students with a overview of the technology and a view from venders the positive usage RFID’s for tracking packages, shopping and auto safety. A walk through a demo of the “technology store” gave them a prediction of the future of shopping.

The program led to an interesting discussion with the classes as to where a line should be drawn with technology and privacy. It took the students a little time to grasp that this could be an infringement on their lives. Once they learned that Wal-Mart was working with RFID’s their opinions changed dramatically. One of our students made references to RFID’s to spy ware on computers which we enjoyed discussing after the videoconference.

A comical view of oh privacy can be challenged with technology can be found online. Check out buying a pizza in 2010.

Great Job Vanderbilt!!